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Ladakh Motorbike Hire

World Highest Motorbike Rental Service

OFFICE LOCATED @ Leh, Ladakh Ladakh Bike Hire provide motocycle rental and Tours in and around ladakh. We at Ladakh bike hire belive in providing well serviced motocycle for daily and long duration rent. We also arrange world highest Motocycle Expedition to the breathtaking and unexplored areas like Turtuk, Pangong lake and Tsomoriri Lake.


Leh, Ladakh
motocycle rental and Tours

Ladakh Motorbike Hire

Our Company Motto

We genuinely care about our clients and offer a very friendly, extremely fun atmosphere, so that they have a great time on our motorcycle tours, whereby the tour guides will interact with the riders throughout the day and into the evening. We want to make people happy and provide them with a fabulous experience like no other, making new friends and enjoying the surroundings.

We believe, after a ton of research, trial and error, we have found a great formula that provides flexibility to every rider on the tour, young or old, male or female, fast or slow, with quality and value all under one roof . We have been so successful doing this that numerous clients keep coming back because of our fun and exciting atmospheres we create. We want you to have the time of your life, after all, it's your holiday and you should be treated like you're a paying client on a holiday!


Ladakh Motorbike Hire

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